Dan Perkins: About Dan

Dan Perkins will be the first to tell you he never considered himself to be an author. Until one day in 2012 when he walked into writing class in the Big Arts Center on Sanibel Island, FL. Looking for something to fill his winter vacation time, he decided to sign up. The instructor told him, “In two weeks you will know if you can be a writer.” He thought if nothing else, he would go back to his golf game—it needed work!

But after the first class and one night at the keyboard, Dan came back with 1,000 words, a title and story line, and some of the main characters, and he knew the ending.

Now some four and a half years later, Dan has published three books in that first series, The Brotherhood of the Red Nile; completed his fourth novel, Ted Baker, In Terrorist Gold, due out early this winter (2016); completed his first children’s book, Peter the Little Irish Seal, which is in the production process with a possible due date of Thanksgiving 2016; and is working on his newest book, Abraham Lincoln’s Second Assassination, due sometime next year. His mind is also compiling children’s book number two and perhaps more. By now Dan realizes that he is, indeed, a writer.

While being an author is first and foremost, he still continues his 43-year career in money management with a small number of clients. In addition, as a veteran himself, he has a passion for helping veterans return to a normal life. Seeing the struggles of PTSD, sleep deprivation, and suicide that face veterans, he and wife Gerri, have set up a non-profit foundation, Songs and Stories for Soldiers. This amazing foundation distributes MP3 packages free to veterans and injured active duty men and women in hospitals who are trying to return to normal life. The web site allows veterans to download from over 3 million songs, over 100,000 audio books, 30,000 old time radio shows and 4 additional 8-hour sleep audios, all for free.

Dan recently moved from his long-time home in New Jersey to his now fulltime home on Sanibel Island.