The Brotherhood of the Red Nile: America Reponds Reviews

I enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the many insights and courageous moves from President Jordan. I feel as though the narrative of the book really set up the next series, which I am looking forward to reading. I also liked the various character developments. I feel we really got to know several of the main characters on a much deeper level. Great job!”

– Bill

“Profoundly provocative in its personification of America’s present-day plight of geo-political proportions, The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, America Responds is beyond a “must read”. Intensely researched and magnetically relentless in its pursuit of me, I could not escape from being drawn into the plot…as if I knew each player personally. Could it be that I found myself in a literary hologram of prophetic proportions? A clairvoyant and visionary, Dan Perkins, once again brings home to us that as Americans ‘a Patriot is beyond fiction’.

Dr. Norman D.E. Raymond, D.O.
Master Faculty Clinical Professor
Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine
Columbus, Ohio