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The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, a Terrorist Perspective, introduces us to a new terrorist group formed in Syria and allied with the Iranian Nuclear enthusiasts. Their goal is to rebuild two outdated dirty suitcase bombs to use in an attack against the United States. The introduction of the characters delve us deep into their minds and psyche, truly giving a terrorist perspective of the profound hate they harbor for the Western world. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, A Terrorist Perspective, has propelled Dan to national acclaim with interviews on radio, television and in-print.

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Author and master storyteller Dan Perkins presents the second book in his trilogy about terrorism against the United States. In The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, America Rebuilds, we get a closer look into the mind of an ingenious writer. Picking up where book one ends, book two delivers more intrigue and mystery while striking terror in the hearts of readers as we ask the question: How in the world can we stop this from happening?

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The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, America Responds is a new terrorist group founded by Mohammad el Sargon in central Syria, with the goal of attacking the United States. Sargon has struck a deal with the Iranian Nuclear Program to rebuild two old Soviet Union suitcase dirty bombs and convert them into nuclear weapons of mass destruction. America is slowly recovering from the destruction. The Brotherhood is planning an escape from America.

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Terrorist Gold I have been asked, why are you writing a sequel to a trilogy? So many people have enjoyed the first three books and they have developed a relationship with the players. They have expressed, “We feel like they are family to us and the adventure has to continue, please.”

Some people have asked, “Do I need to have read the trilogy, The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, in order to understand, “Terrorist Gold?” I would be less than honest with you if I didn’t tell you that your reading experience would be greatly enhanced by having read the trilogy, but Terrorist Gold is written as a new adventure and as a free-standing thriller.  So for those of you who didn’t read the Trilogy, no need to refresh your memory. You will quickly follow the story.

For those of you that are new to my writing, you need to know that all the technology referred to in this book is real. The people and the events are all from my brain and you will find a very fine line between fiction and fact; that is what I try to do as a writer. Enjoy the read; it’s a great ride. 

Peter the Little Irish Seal This is a story about the special relationship between a mother and her child. Peter and his mother are very special seals called Selkies. According to Celtic folklore, a Selkie can shed its skin and become human. Before this is possible, Mama Kim must teach Peter how to sustain himself by learning to swim and catch his own food. Peter’s mother knows that someday she must tell him of his special power, and she also knows that he will leave her one-day and go out on his own. This book is designed to be a “read-to-me” book for children aged 2 to 7 years, but children of all ages, including parents and grandparents will enjoy this relationship story!

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Why Can’t Grammy Remember Me? This is a breakthrough book written on an important subject to children, parents, and grandparents. The subject is Dementia, or what is commonly referred to as memory loss. To the best of my knowledge, no other book on this subject has been written specifically for children ages 9 to 12. However, Hudson’s and Charlotte’s endearing adventure is for all readers; children, parents and grandparents. Your children will relate to the adventures of these two young girls, and as they learn about memory loss, so too will you and your children.

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