• You Won't Be Disappointed!

    You Won't Be Disappointed!

    Not being much of a reader, I was given the book and asked to relate what I thought of it. Wow! I couldn’t put it down. The story gets you wrapped up from the get-go. I finished the book and ran out and got #2, America Rebuilds. Couldn’t put it down either. When #3 hits the shelves, I’ll be there ready to grab my copy. You owe it to yourself read this series of books. You won’t be disappointed!

    Mike Wooden
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    Dan – I just finished reading your novel (I only read at bedtime), and I must say, I enjoyed it. It was easy to see that you had done a lot of research. It was very interesting, thought provoking, and to be honest, a little scary. Thanks so much.

  • Read this terrifying story...unless you're faint of heart!

    Read this terrifying story...unless you're faint of heart!

    Dan Perkins has an interesting writing style. His short chapters leave the door open at the ends with a gaping question mark. The story flows very well and I didn’t lose track of who was who. The author wove together an interesting tapestry of intrigue I finished Book One in three days. Can anyone beat that?

    Susan Signoracci, author of ‘Moral Cowards
  • Surprise!


    I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a book written about terrorism, especially one written from the terrorist perspective. I usually enjoy “warm and fuzzy” books with happy endings or “who done it” mysteries. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book! Dan has definitely hit a grand slam home run! Dan did a masterful job of pulling all of the threads of the story together, while keeping the action exciting. The personalities of the characters jump off of the page and are very believable. The conversations of the terrorists gave insight into how some of the world views the USA. I was chilled by the reality of how vulnerable our country is and it reminded me of the importance of prayer for our country. I can’t wait to start reading America Rebuilds! Thank you, Dan, for such a well researched and well written book!

    Beverly Pack
  • Talk about a cliff hanger

    Talk about a cliff hanger

    Great book! A book that really makes you think long after you’ve finished the book. Can’t wait to read the next in series!

    Denise McKee
  • Is it real? It's certainly realistic!

    Is it real? It's certainly realistic!

    As I finished Brotherhood of the Red Nile: A Terrorist Perspective, asked myself, “Could this happen here in the U.S.?” Dan Perkins first venture into writing is a hit. He has captured the mentality of the diverse group of attackers, the agents whose mission was to stop the attack, and the collateral personalities. It was so engaging I kept pressing to get to the next chapter so I could find out what happened to the characters I left two chapters ago. The book’s organization, flow and tempo really kept my interest; I was caught up in the personal, regional, and national perspectives in this thriller…and the best thing is, it just sets the stage for Dan’s next book!

    Bill Rinderknecht
  • The Hit book for 2014

    The Hit book for 2014

    I read Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, Michael Connely etc. and now I read Dan Perkins!! He is brilliant. I discovered he was a first time writer, so there are some writing skill issues that must be 100% overlooked as the story line is incredible. Once I broke through 50% of book one, I was hooked, I had down the characters and the concept. The plot and story will keep you reading chapter after chapter until you fall asleep. I finished book one, and downloaded book two within 5 minutes.

    I highly recommend buying this book today, and start reading tonight. It will also scare you. It is so close to reality that it will really make you think about our safety in the USA and other parts of the world.

    Robert Nickell
  • A literary thrill ride from start to finish!

    A literary thrill ride from start to finish!

    A literary thrill ride from start to finish! This book keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to turn the next page to find out what happens next! Well written and terrifying to comprehend that this work of fiction could easily be reality!

    Rock Bentley
  • Great, riveting book!

    Great, riveting book!

    Having spent 30 years in law enforcement, I long thought this would be the best way to seriously harm the country. The current Irani negotiations would not prevent this terrorist act from occurring. Dan’s book is riveting. It is politically current. I have recommended it to several people. Keep them coming, Dan.



  • Another winner from dan perkins

    Another winner from dan perkins

    I just finished Brotherhood of the Red Nile: America Rebuilds. Wow! This second in Dan Perkins’ thrilling trilogy is as griping, engaging, and well written as the first. I’m a retired military intelligence officer, and I found this (continuation of Dan’s) story as believable and current as today’s news. His grasp of economics, politics and operational planning is evident throughout the book. Creatively constructed, this volume is as well organized perceptive as the first. If you like mental juggling and desire a thoughtful perspective on the U.S. dealing with disaster, this will be a good read. It’s a great ride!

  • wow!


    Wow!! I read book two in three nights, and I cannot wait to read book three. Dan is a great writer, and story teller. I highly recommend reading both books ASAP. This will be the trilogy everyone is talking about by summer of this year. It is so on target it is scary. Go buy it now!!!

    Robert Nickell
  • No reader is "safe"!

    No reader is "safe"!

    Just when you thought the story couldn’t get any scarier, the author releases the next installment. You think you couldn’t put his first book down? Try book 2. No reader is ‘safe’ as long as Dan Perkins’ imagination is on the loose.

  • I couldn't put it down!

    I couldn't put it down!

    Fastpaced book that keeps you on the edge. I can’t wait for the next book. Where will all end?

    Carl Sandquist
  • So realistic it's scary!

    So realistic it's scary!

    In this fast-paced page-turning thriller, I kept shaking my head over and over at how realistic everything was. As someone who worked briefly (four years) on intelligence issues, I was impressed with the detail and depth of every scenario in this novel. Anyone reading this will feel like an insider at the White House and privy to the top secret briefings of the president and senior members of Cabinet. And, if you’ve never been out to a Gulf oil platform area, you’ll feel the breeze on your face in these pages. I can’t wait to see this made into a movie. It would be a blockbuster!

    Mary Metcalfe
  • Don't miss the brotherhood trilogy

    Don't miss the brotherhood trilogy

    Book One is a psychological thriller that is intriguing and believable. Instead of a novel, it could be the headlines of tomorrow’s news. Book Two – America Rebuilds creates a different, but equally compelling, reader experience. Dan Perkins gives the reader a never-ending overdose of adrenaline as the aftermath of the terrorist attack builds to heights that are frightening to imagine. He keeps you at the edge of your seat while you turn pages in your compulsion to learn how far the devastation will spread and how many more Americans will die. As you read, you begin to recognize that life, as we know it will never be the same. America Rebuilds is the nightmare scenario that we have all been dreading since 9-11. I can’t wait for Book Three, hoping that America has a reason to cheer again.

  • A gripping book

    A gripping book

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading America Rebuilds as it kept me so engaged I felt it was in real time. I felt my pulse racing and feeling the fear. The characters are vivid to the point that I can visualize them. I’m looking forward to the THIRD book.

    Elizabeth C
  • The story continues!

    The story continues!

    I read the first book in the trilogy and became intrigued with the story line. This second book is a bit harder to follow and tells multiple stories simultaneously so prolonged reading sessions is essential. The story continues to be thought provoking and the idea of attacking oil pipelines to cripple the nation is right from the headlines.

  • Wonderful suspense…Great story…Super imagination..this is TODAY NEWS!

    Wonderful suspense…Great story…Super imagination..this is TODAY NEWS!

    “America Rebuilds” is a wonderful follow up to book 1 in the trilogy……..AND.. I hope there is a movie because I want to see Who would get to play” Hadar” in the movie….Dan Perkins….I like your taste and I like your books. Knock us over with book #3.

    Robert W Rohl


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    I enjoyed it very much. I especially liked the many insights and courageous moves from President Jordan. I feel as though the narrative of the book really set up the next series, which I am looking forward to reading. I also liked the various character developments. I feel we really got to know several of the main characters on a much deeper level. Great job!

  • Profoundly Proactive

    Profoundly Proactive

    Profoundly provocative in its personification of America’s present-day plight of geo-political proportions, The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, America Responds is beyond a “must read”. Intensely researched and magnetically relentless in its pursuit of me, I could not escape from being drawn into the plot…as if I knew each player personally. Could it be that I found myself in a literary hologram of prophetic proportions? A clairvoyant and visionary, Dan Perkins, once again brings home to us that as Americans ‘a Patriot is beyond fiction

    Dr. Norman D.E. Raymond, D.O.