Songs and Stories

As a veteran himself, Dan Perkins has a heart for today’s returning heroes. Plagued by unimaginable sights that are rerun over and over in their minds, they are thrust into a world with mixed emotions about our entanglement in foreign wars. Many are finding it difficult to adjust to what was once their “normal life.” Every day in America 22 veterans commit suicide. We lose more veterans to PTSD suicide than we have from the battles in which they fought.

Songs and Stories for Soldiers is a free gift to soldiers. Those on the battle field, those in VA hospitals, those who just need a break from the reality they can’t escape are presented with an electronic media package. Each one contains an 8 GB MP3 player, earbuds, a memory stick USB cable, a charger and the necessary instructions to log into where they can download books, music, Old Time Radio programs and most importantly for some additional, 8-hours of “sleep music” which has been carefully crafted to help PTSD veterans fall asleep and stay asleep for as long as possible.

Songs and Stories is a 501C organization with every penny donated going to buy these amazing gift packages. Currently Dan and wife Gerri are in 46 hospitals, clinics and several cities. To date they have donated 9,000 packages. Their goal by years’ end is to have handed out 10,000 electronic gifts and be in 50 hospitals.

You can have a part in this wonderful organization by donating today. Each player package costs $10. Go to and learn what we are doing and donate now. The gift you give could save the life of an American hero.